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Photography wise, I'm pretty much looking exclusively for found abstraction these days. Specifically, close-up beautiful decay textures in the form of walls, metal, glass, nature — you name it. Usually the grungier the better! The B&W subjects generally lean minimalist while the Color Work slants towards abstraction too, but with a dose of graphic and Pop. The bonus-bingo is all the photography work helps drives potential painting directions.

The Grid Series photomontages are one-off art constructions consisting of fifty-four 3" squares hand-cut from three separate Inkjet prints (archival Epson Hot Press paper). Of late I've been producing larger pieces utilizing 72 squares.

My photography archive is an ongoing collection of frontline portfolios (e.g. landscape, architecture, people, etc), specialized albums and an eclectic mix of travelogues that include both recent and past work.

Portfolio EditionNote: A Fine Art, Portfolio Edition of 10 Landscape Minimalism prints is now for sale and available upon request by email. Each photograph is hand-signed, numbered and printed on Epson Hot Press Bright fine art paper via Epson's archival pigment inks. Size is standardized at: 17" x 22" (432 mm x 559 mm). Paper weight is substantial at 18 mil and 330 g/m2.

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